Original Rockman With Rockadapter Boston Tone Baby

Original Rockman With Rockadapter Boston Tone  Baby

Original Rockman w/Rockadapter

Boston Tone Baby*

Released in ca. '82, the Rockman was Scholz 2nd product (after the Power Soak in '80) and the very first effects processor. It was later renamed the "X-100", and a stripped down model, "Soloist" was based on it. This is THE sound heard on the first "Boston" album. To quote http://www.rockman.fr/Story/Rockman.htm, the best Rockman/Scholz on the web, "no-one but Boston managed to duplicate this highly compressed, heavy distortion sound, with this specific wide stereo image." This "wall of sound" achieved the same tone as "customized Marshall stacks, connecting compressors, wah's, EQ's, echo's, and chorus doublers." The revolutionary Rockman was the first device of it's type and it was stereo to boot, combining a compressor, a distortion, a cab simulator, a chorus and a reverb into one small box. Although overlooked by today's user, its most innovative and primary functions are that of an analog amp simulator. Think of it, what other device could sound so "complete" without the use of an amp (don't say MXR Micro Amp - it's a different device altogether). The tone is of the Rockman is unmistakable, and it will always sound like a Rockman, regardless of the guitar and amp you use. Like the X-100 that followed, the Rockman features 2 clean and 2 distortion settings, analog chorus and analog echo, with 3 output level settings, and that famous Rockman compression. Also has a "set it and forget it" gain control on back. These sound great through headphones, any amp, or even a home stereo, using a 1/4" stereo plug to a stereo RCA cable. They run on 8 AA batteries (and go through them pretty fast) or a specific power supply made only by SD&R

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