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My Primary Email is

You can also email me at IF my old email bounces back, . I check these 2 emails daily. It's a long battle for me to get that email always 100% working. Please don't go threw eBay to contact me about items.

These prices are "firm," so please respect them as they are seldom shown or found by dealers. I offer vintage instruments and their related parts for the price that is listed.

 If you want to use Buy Now and do a layaway, email me first. I require 10% down now and the rest paid within 3 months.The total balance due before the item is shipped.If a layaway is cancled there will be a 10% (of the total price) holding fee

The items you see here can be bought and paid for right now, just like on eBay. Create an account (write it down to remember it ). You can add Insurance if you want. NOTE: You can not check out and pay for a item until you check add insurance or decline to add insurance. If you do not  want to pay the extra money for insurance, and your item gets damage don't go to PayPal and try and put this on me it wasn't insured and I loose out because you Choose to Not to insure it.. or pay the extra that it costs..I already offer the PayPal and pay the fees I get charge in taking payment from crerdit cards.

On my  Guitar parts they are sold as is.You can ask all question before you purchase. It is your responsibility to have them properly installed by a professional.(not a weekend guitar builder) Many times these are 30 to 60+ year old Vintage items, and should be treated as such.

In 20+ years not 1 item ever was sent back to my shop (Guitar's, Guitar Parts or any Amp) To include eBay, (user name eddie-vegas 3400 pos feedback,) 0 neg or nutureal), and years ago I was selling on Gbase,(before Reverb was ever thought of) and my web site you're on right now. For that I am proud of


If you want to buy, sell, or trade, please call (218) 879-3796 Mon-Sat 10am-8pm central time. I only deal with Fender Custom Shop, and Vintage Guitars 1974 or older

Check this site out, it's pretty neat and easy to use.  Playing and owning Vintage Fender, Gibson guitar's is a part of me. A Old Guitar never lets me down.


If you are interested in selling a Vintage Strat, email me first, brief description and price. If it's something I may want we can talk on phone or email farther in sending some pics. I'm not here to be a appraiser or authenticate a guitar or part that I did not sell

Life is A Dream, REALIZE IT

Thanks: Eddie


No matter where you live on this earth, make sure your final home will be heaven. Enjoy & Lord Bless *





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