Have A Blessed Jesus Birthday / Xmas Folks

Have A Blessed Jesus Birthday / Xmas Folks

Have A Blessed Jesus Birthday / Xmas Folks:)

The card is wife's idea, my picture taking skills::) That 1963 Dakota Red Original Strat with Red Mahogany Wood Body... make the lasting Xmas Gift.....

Thanks to all who share in this love/madness/addiction, passion, need, want, obsession,Love,childless, adultness,sleep less, thing We all share in the Re -Lentless Pursuit of "the one" that will cure all in buying Fren'Zee of Leo's name will live on forever in The Fender Stratocaster. It's funny after 35 years I haven't found the the one... and you?

If you don't have a Passion....your dying is my motto.

This is about Jesus Christ being born on December 25th, so we all have a way to heaven. I try not to push this or talk about God ever min of the day. Stuff is good in small doeses. But say you got 5 real min till death, you want heaven or hell. I mean that bible is real. If you just knew the old Eddie the way I drank and lived life, and now. You go, yup there must be this god thing.

Yes the Santa thing, buying gifts is great for kids but really just a myth. We all are more to help others during Xmas but it should be all the time. I myself am also a believer in saying in love, tuff love. Tuff love saved me. Some need to be told your not poor, your lazy. Just like a baby or young child. They will whimper till they get what they want. This was me till age 36.

So many talk about give love love, true.. but no one wants to talk about giving tuff love but really in love in doing this. I just believe in tuff love with Gods love is so important in this life.

Just as I like to buy and sell the different guitar's, the beat up one's, the repaired broking neck one's, the ugly color one's.. I like a message that is not same same.. I was broken, still am...But I know I am going to heaven because I believe what Jesus did for us in His death. It's like having lets say 5 million in the bank savings account. That peace knowing you got money to buy or repair anything you own. This God thing is free, and you still can be a nut cake, yes even still swear (as I do), still mess up, still do wrong, (as I do)..but it's work in progress. God still takes you in.... Best thing 100% of all the other people who are going to heaven are doing things not always right.

Just live and be open to allow someone greater than you, to do His work in you..God made us, why not let Him fix us..:)

Plus it makes me high... A Free high.. Peace Eddie

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