Clone Centaur Pedal

This is a great replica of the legendary Clone Centaur pedal, down to the graphic and styling of the knobs, original specs and FET-based op amps. Perhaps a tiny bit smaller (and more pedalboard-friendly) than the original.

ABOUT THIS CLONE CENTAUR REPLICA: You're getting a hand-made, fully-tested pedal using the original spec FET-based op-amps - meaning low noise operation and smooth top-end response.

The 9v circuit gives plenty of clean headroom, whilst the treble control gives plenty of tone-shaping flexibility. Great for pushing a gritty valve amp into 'screaming' territory, these pedals also provide enough grit to stand alone as a medium-gain 'crunch' box.

Controls are for 'Gain', 'Treble', and 'Output'.

Price: $85.00


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