1954 to 1974 How to tell a Real PRE CBS Fender Strat Body & parts Info:

1954 to 1974 How to tell a Real PRE CBS Fender Strat Body & parts Info:

How to tell a Real PRE CBS Fender Strat Body Info:

I did this little clip for a customer of mine. He got a Strat or a parts (build) Strat or maybe just a body off eBay from some ya hoo saying it was a real 1962 Fender PRE CBS Body I forgot whole story, what I'm getting at I seen pictures of so called 1962 Fender body.. it was not the real deal and he asked me to look at it, and I did this video for him...and thus sharing with you

I hate fraud sellers.... knowing or Not knowing about facts, go buy on eBay.. then pass it on as real. They can go years thinking they got the real deal because they was tricked or lied to from the 1st fraud guy. They are going on the word of a UN Qualified Seller.. etc

Most of you know this, but at 1 time.. you and I did not know what to look for.

Many people send me emails asking.. Eddie is this real, what is this worth. Sorry Not my job to talk about other sellers Fender guitar's and parts or value. That Seller should answer your questions... "Why is this real" Prove it.... I do on my items, if a buyer asks. You shouldn't be buying from a un known seller if you do not know facts, or he or she can't provide them!

Well this evilBay 1962 body I guess had some low end (no vintage at all in their shop) sign a paper saying it was a real 62 Strat.. without even taking it apart.. This body was stripped to natural. No router marks, fake looking nail holes, no tooling mark inside neck pocket, no pin marks on back of body. (I called them jig marks or dowels on the 1961 brown body I show in video, but you know my point). Inside all screw hole look new. It looked like a relic job, and I am ratting this body out. I hate people Guessing, or passing the buck down because they got ripped off etc. Or some just rip off people.

Some of my rules I have learned over many years that I follow

If it's to good to be true... IT IS

If a seller tells you, It's appears to been refinished, or re decal, or re fretted.. IT IS.. They use the word Appears to cover their ass when you find out other wise. Well no refund, I told you it appears

It weighs 7lbs on my bathroom scale.. Well it really weighs 8.2lbs. Bathroom scale cost $9.99 at wall mart, and is not a postal grade scale.

They use a low end music store that has no or 2-3 low end Vintage guitar's in their shop write a paper or say, ya man this is all real. This store makes their living off ripping off all the mothers who just have to go on the payment plan to have the Johnny or Suezy child play Clarinet or Flute. They go to these low end stores join the mall, get soaked into buying the China Junk instrument, that 100% never stick with.. You heard me. The kids say Mommy I want to play the Flute.. All my friends are playing. This is when you straighten out your Child.. At Youth.. You say, No.. Play the Guitar or Drums, or Bass Guitar. If.. they still bug you for a flute, go get them a Kazoo! You say I'm rude? Or am I right???:)

That movie School Rock? That should be school.

I forgot to mention get a 18" Black Light at Wall Mart, costs under $20. Get in total black room, put up to body. Original Nitro and really old Poly finish will glow Yellow. No matter what color finish is, it will glow.. If body is stripped to Nature, you will find some Glow in some nook or cranny.

Don'y push a buy. If it feels wrong, it will always be wrong. Your suppose to be happy in a purchase, and knowing it's real and can back it, is Peace..

All my items in my shop, I can back. I know it will All sell in due time. Vintage & Real is money in the bank... and I have Peace in knowing all this..

Here is a update on Tele Knobs.. To share:)

Look at pics, you'll get the point..

1961 - 1962 Orig Fender Telecaster & Precision Bass PRE CBS Knobs

Knobs that be on a $25,000 to $40,000 PRE CBS Slab Neck Fender Tele.. or a Precision Bass.. Fender used same knobs..

Look at the last 3 pictures. I am showing you, most (95+ %) real pre cbs Fender parts will glow under a black light. A $20 18" Black Light at Wall Mart.. you had with your posters as a kid... Look at the glow here. I have a 100% 1961 Tele as reference showing the Orange glow on the screws,and the Tele switch. Basically some Nitro finish from Body Or Neck and factory gets on the part and you will see "The Glow".. Pickups seem to have this, tuners, neck plate, bridge. See I got just about All real guitar's or parts here in my shop top compare.. The fake sellers (on EvilBay) are relic these parts trying to Rob you. I am not the eBay police, but I can name a few who just happen to ALWAYS Have ALL These pre cbs knobs (one sets sells, up goes another!) and they are acid relic trying to trick us. Simple That's BULL!

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