1954 Original Fender Stratocaster Poodle Case

1954 Original  Fender Stratocaster Poodle Case

65+ Year Old 1954 Fender Stratocaster Poodle Case

This sale is for the 1954 Fender Poodle Case Only. I have pictures with other Vintage Fender item's in a few pictures to get you in the Fender 1st year state of mind..

This falls into go find another one for sale and will cost upwards of 10k. Rare as Rare gets! This case is solid. No smells... and for a 1st year Fender Stratocaster.

This Poodle case likely came with a ProtoType 54 Strat. Fender Official public production didn't start until mid 1954

This is a Fender case and I seen more than one of these case and they never had a glove box inside. Keep in mind Fender didn't build by looking at some blue prints, They were innovators and learned by trail and error. Thats why you see more than a few of the very earliest Strats came with different parts on the 1st year 1954 Strat.

I had this case in my private stash for some time. The Blue bakelite case handle is just like all the other brown. Now I wasn't with this case for the last 65 years to be certain it wasn't re tolex, and or a new red liner put inside. If a person did that much work to this case, they could handle refurbishing and install the glove box.

The original owner must of been a musician out on tour back in the 50's as the case is good to go, it does have years of earned use and killer patina from hauling his Stratocaster to shows. The 1 latch by handle just needs 2 revits put back in to be correct and will be all tighten up before shipping out.

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