SNADD Micro Chip PROTECT Your Fender Strat Tele Or Gibson Incase Of Theaft

SNADD Micro Chip PROTECT Your Fender Strat Tele Or Gibson Incase Of Theaft

1954 to 2012 Snagg In case your Guitar Gets Stolen Recovery 1 Chip.. You just get the Chip, no drill bit, no glue.. It's easy to do this so don't be scurd.. :)

My words: GET This Period!

My words again. This is a Small chip. You take your strap button and screw out. Drill the hole "hair" bit deeper. Use the super glue stuff, put in..You go online Register your item/guitar.. It's gets stolen. This chip thing is in MANY MANY music stores, pawn shops all over the world..The police are on top of it.. No it's not a transmitter like On Star* (that be a BIG BIG Thing to install) but it gives you a BETTER Chance to get you guitar found.. I mean for $25 for 1 kit HOW can you not get.. If buy a guitar off me I can install.. $30 labor + price of chip.....

Basically $24.95 for 1 kit, $99.95 for 5 in a kit.. I have separate chips Not in a kit for $18 each.. People that have these in their Guitar there is a 1 out or 3 success rate.... THAT IS BETTER Than No chance of getting your baby back.. You sell your guitar, you can transfer for Life.. OK them are my words, as I get to the point.. or I talk in English..

The SNAGG RFID Microchip is an electronic serial number used to register, identify and recover all types of valuable assets. The same RFID chip that is used to return thousands of lost pets each year, the SNAGG Microchip is the size of a grain of rice and can be installed in musical instruments, tools, guns, bikes and virtually any valuable.

The SNAGG Microchip is installed in the property you want to protect, then the item is registered with SNAGG.COM, providing the SNAGG ID, serial number, manufacturer information, even photos of the item. If your item is lost or stolen then recovered by the police, a pawn shop or any other party, the electronic serial number will clearly identify you as the owner. Police Departments nationwide have access to over 400,000 RFID scanners compatible with SNAGG Microchips.

SNAGG's unique secure asset registration system provides many advantages to owners of SNAGG-protected musical instruments, bicycles, guns, tools or other assets:

1 in 3 chance of recovering lost or stolen property. Free lifetime registration and update of property information. Free, unlimited Ownership Transfers. Discounted insurance rates. Protection against fraudulent reproduction.

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Price: $18.00

Quantity: Don't forget to indicate your insurance preferences

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