Freedom and Free Will is Free.... Really it is

Freedom and Free Will is Free.... Really it is

This is being Free...8-29-2012 So I say this with love. It's 85 out.To hot for pants.Sandal's..I want my feet tan.Helmet? It's legal for none in Minnesota..(Oh and I LOVE THAT)... and I'm free.It helps tremendous I am clean,and ridding a bike. Not a slave to Budweiser anymore:) Throughout my time on earth I had people think they have the urge to say...You should wear a helmet. Sandal's? oh need shoe's, shorts put on some pants... But on same point. They hear a person tell them, I jump from planes..Oh that must be fun.. Well in MY book that's crazy! But I see that they are free. We have that in common.99% of people who say these things to a biker...are not free.To many people in this time on earth spend looking at others, when there is a mirror in your bathroom. This is not a rant at anyone..per say.. But at earned the right to love... In person I'm shy...Good Nite John Boy!

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