1980 WD NOS Blue Shell Fender Esquire Pickguard

1980 WD NOS Blue Shell Fender Esquire Pickguard


This is new, never used. From the early 90's. These are $50 + shipping at WD..The 1st picture is what it looks like. Deep Blue. The pic with it whole kind of came out blurry, but you get the point.

This pickguard will only fit genuine U.S. manufacture Fender Esquire guitars from the 1950's to current. It should also fit post 2002 made in Mexico Fender Esquires or Telecasters if you are making a conversion and deleting the neck pickup.) Originally offered only in thin, non beveled material, we now offer this pickguard in a myriad of materials.

This pickguard will NOT fit an imported Fender instrument from manufacturing plants in Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia or pre-2002 Mexico. This will not fit a Squier instrument either. You will need to submit a tracing to our custom shop for those imported instruments due to the neck pocket size and shape, mounting hole locations, control plate cutaway size and bridge width variations.

Price: $20.00

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