1955 1950 1961 Orig Fender Pickguard Screws Next To Fake Screws

1955 1950 1961 Orig Fender Pickguard Screws Next To Fake Screws

1955 1950 1961 Orig Fender Pickguard Screws Next To Fake Screws

I do this to share. I hate people saying parts are real and they are not. If one doesn't buy and sell much or have you know 100% positive correct straight Vintage Fender. One can be fooled.

There is a guy on eBay that has sold 1,000's of sets of He lies NOS Real Fender PRE CBS screws. He sells them for $17.95 for a set of 5 slotted screws. They are all rusted and he lies and says they got rusted being on his work bench. LAST I KNEW It doesn't rain in my shop, how about yours. I have screws on my bench 20 years, they haven't rusted. Look at all the Custom shop relic hardware and screws. All rusted.

Basically the real rusted screws in these pics are fake. Cool looking, but do not go on a 50k Fender Guitar. You spend $50,000 every dang screw better be right. One can say, oh it's just some screws. I get $99 for real PRE CBS Fender Strat 11 pickguard screws. I spent atleast 8 to 20k for the Strat I parted. I have every dollar of $99 in buying them screws.

The slotted screws, it's real rare to find them. How many part a Black Guard Tele. Not even in the day was anyone parting them. I have all these screws for sale in my shop. I got takin on the rusted slotted screws, I am selling them as fakes, because they are.

Look at the slotted rusted screws. The rust is all perfect the same. The screw slots are pretty bang up from what? How many times one takes the Black Guard off the Broadcaster or Telecaster, or Nocaster. But they are beat up to look older. Neck screws and truss rod get beat up looking, because they get adjusted over the years. You have to take the neck off to adjust a PRE CBS Fender neck. Plus look at the no threads to that going away from the head before it hits the threads is bevelled.. not straight down like the fake ones. The rust is just to uniformed and has a tapped off look on all.

Now side by side and in your hands y0u can see the and feel the difference.

As for the guy on eBay. About 10 years ago I bought 8 sets from him. I mean they looked NOS to me, Until I got them. I gave hime 8 neg as he called me a liar. Some how he got them removed, eBay is Evilbay now. And he only listed like 2 sets, they sell, 2 more go on. I added it up. He has lied in like $20,000 in fake screws. Look him, the title. NOS Fender Screws. All are rusted. People like him, give integrity a forgotten trait. Peace. Ed

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