1954 1955 Orig Fender Stratocaster I have Sold Over The Years

1954 1955 Orig Fender Stratocaster I have Sold Over The Years

1954 1955 Original KICK ASS Fender Stratocasters I Been Blessed To Own and Sell

1955 Gunnar & Matthew Nelson Owned Sunburst Original Finish with Ash Body Fender Stratocaster

1955 Bobby Lewis Owned & on #1 Hit of all time (in 1961) Fender Stratocaster

1954 Pre Production Fender Stratocaster Original Finish Named BEAULA

1955 Red Sparkle Original Custom Finish Fender Stratocaster..Played it's whole life.../Named All Paid Up!

This is my Best Find.. Best Sounding..Best Playing... MOST MoJoe MAKE YOUR HAIR Tingle, I don't feel worthy to even do a sound clip YET!!!! to date.. March 2017...

I never had a Guitar that moved me this much!. I never claim or said I am great player, I am Vintage Fender Strat Dealer. But chances are I bought, sold and played more Strat's than a very percentage of all on earth. It's all I do everyday. Never get sick of my job. Maybe thats a sickness in itself... I LIKE BEING SICK!

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